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CrossFit Teens – new sessions for 2018

Welcome to a great new year of fitness challenges and health.

While you’ve been on holidays, the team at Hive Active has been busy brainstorming ways to make the CrossFit Teens program even better.

A busy Hive means cool new changes

In 2018 we’ve made a few key changes to our program.

  • More classes – We will now be running 2 teen classes on Monday and Wednesdays as well as a single Friday afternoon class, and a specialised Lifting class on Thursday afternoons
  • Class times – Teen Classes are held at 4:20pm, and 5:10pm on Monday and Wednesdays and 5:10pm on Thursdays and Fridays. There will be a 5 min buffer between classes which allows for Teens to chat to our coaches briefly before or after class.
  • 45min sessions – Each Teen CrossFit session is 45 minutes in duration. With class numbers capped, Coach explanations and setup between movements will be smoother which means Teens can still complete the same workout session but within 45 minutes instead of an hour as per 2017.
  • Member platform for teens – welcome to WODIFY! This year all Teens will be utilising our online training and performance platform. It allows you to reserve your place in class each week, check-in once you arrive, add your performance results after each workout and track your performance. You will also be able to see the daily Teen WOD in advance if you can’t wait until class to find out what it is.
  • Reserving your spot in class each week is compulsory – To keep class numbers capped we are introducing a mandatory booking system. You will need to reserve your spot in your Teen CrossFit session one week in advance. If you don’t and the class fills, you won’t be able to train. If you book and don’t turn up without providing 24hrs notice, you will be penalised as not only are you letting yourself down but also the rest of our Hive Active training community as someone else could have trained in your place. Please be kind to yourself and our community and reserve your place!
  • Check-in is compulsory – as part of the new system, when you attend class, you will be required to check-in. You can do this once you arrive or via the WODIFY app.

Enrolling and registering through WODIFY

In 2018 Enrolment is 100% online for CrossFit Teens as you will need to have individual WODIFY accounts (Hive Active’s  online member platform) to be able to book classes, check-in and track your performance. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. GO to and scroll down to the Kids and Teens membership options.
  2. Click on the program you want to participate in i.e. once, twice, or three times a week.
  3. Enter/update your details in WODIFY.
  4. Read the waiver and sign.
  5. You’re all set to book your classes.

Reserving your spot in class

Booking your weekly spot(s) in class in compulsory for 2018 as class number will be strictly capped to max 20 Teens. Athletes can reserve a spot for each class from:

  • Wodify Web App
  • Affiliate’s Website
  • Mobile Device

Wodify Web App

  1. Dowload the WODIFY app
  2. Login to your Wodify account
  3. Click the ‘Calendar’ tab
  4. View the Calendar
    • The white calendar icon signals a class that is open for booking.
    • Hive Active opens the bookings one week prior to the class times. (In the example below, only classes that begin in the next 24 hours are open for reservation)
    • Classes not open for registration are identified with a gray calendar icon
  5. To make a reservation, click the white calendar icon
  6. Immediately after you click the white calendar icon:
    • The icon changes to a ticket, indicating you have successfully made the reservation
    • A cancel icon appears; click this if you wish to cancel
    • The reservation count and meter increase by 1Calendar.png
  7. You are free to make or cancel reservations to as many classes as your membership allows within the week.

From the Hive Active Website

  1. This process is very similar to reserving from the Wodify Web App
  2. Open Hive Active’s Schedule page on our website
  3. Scroll to where your see the class schedule
  4. From within the schedule pane, click ‘Login’Schedule_-_Crossfit_DT1.png
  5. Log in with your Wodify username and password
  6. Follow same steps as listed in the above Wodify Web App tutorial to reserve or cancel a reservation

Mobile Device

  1. Login to Wodify from a mobile device
  2. Click the Class Schedule tab
  3. Scroll through the list of classes and find a class to make a reservation
  4. Click on the ‘Reserve’ button to make a reservation for the class that you would like to attend.
  5. Click the ‘Cancel’ button if you would like to cancel your reservation


Using the App

  1. Go to Class Schedule.
  2. Select the Teens CrossFit program.
  3. Scroll to the time you are attending, and click on “sign In”.
  4. You’re good to go.

Using the Digital Boards at Hive Active

  1. Before class starts go to the Digital screen, find the correct class in the drop-down list at the top of the page.
  2. Find your name in the Athlete list on the left hand side and then click on “Sign-In”

Any questions?

New things take a little getting used to, so if you have any questions please contact our Hive Active team: call 94167716, email, or come in and visit.

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