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Lifting technique workshop for teens

Weightlifting has shown to have countless benefits to lifters of all ages, but many parents and coaches are wary of weight training for teens; pointing out potential injuries such as growth-plate or joint damage.

The Australian Sports Commission’s position on youth resistance training is that a properly designed and supervised training program is safe and can help to increase strength, prevent injury, and enhance motor skills and performance.

At Hive Active our kids and teens program operate within this criteria, ensuring a fun, safe and knowledgeable environment for our children to learn the fundamentals of functional movement.

Recently we’ve received a growing number of enquiries for more technical weight lifting sessions, driven by our younger members and local community. As a result we have developed a teen specific (15yrs+) lifting technique class to be held these school holidays.  

This small sized workshop is for teens who are keen to train with heavier weights but need to improve their technique first. It will include:

  • A functional movement assessment for each participant
  • Coaching by a specialised lifting coach who will break movements down to ensure functional technique is understood and incorporated into each lifting movement
  • Skills for participants to build a solid foundation on which to grow the lifting skillset and build their strength.

Who: Teens 15+yrs looking to improve their lifting performance, gain power and develop good form and postural strength.
When: The next workshop has yet to be scheduled.

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