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Why choose Hive Active?

Achieving your fitness goals is a personal journey but it’s alot easier to achieve your goals when you’re working as part of a team. A team that’s welcoming, supportive, motivating and most importantly experienced. These attributes are at the core of Hive Active.

A hive of of health and fitness professionals

Hive Active’s team of coaches, personal trainers, and exercise physiologists are pretty awesome (even if we do say so ourselves). Each member brings their own wealth of experience and personality to the gym, and draws on these to educate, support and encourage you to reach your health and fitness potential. Once you’re there we’ll help you maintain that level, or achieve your next fitness challenge.

Our health and fitness professionals are also supported by our operations crew (who also happen to be health and fitness practitioners). Our operations team helps around the gym and behind the scenes with all those little and not so little things that help to make working out at Hive Active a safe, happy and fun experience.

You can find out more about each and every one of our team at our Meet the Team page.

A hive of team and community spirit

Finding that little bit of extra energy and mental conviction to push yourself to be fitter, faster, stronger, healthier can sometimes seem too hard. The great thing about Hive Active is that you not only have the support and encouragement from our fitness professionals, but our members are also awesome too. Awesome because as your fellow teammates they will encourage, support and push you (for those competitive guys and gals amongst us) to go that little bit further each and everyday. Our team is also there to support you when you’re just having one of those days and you’re doing well just to get to the gym (we’ve all been there).

Make the Hive Active team your team – join us today.

A hive of activity

Hive Active offers a range of fitness options to entice and challenge you. These include:

We also participate in a number of inter-gym CrossFit challenges and games, and put together teams to participate in other non-gym sporting events such as Spartan Races. And because we’re a social bunch, we often get together for fun that doesn’t involve sweat and muscle burn; BBQs, the occasional lawn bowls afternoon and catch up nights often pop up in the calendar.

A hive of… X-Factor

While we all share a love of being fit and healthy, Hive Active means different things to different people. The best way to understand what makes Hive Active who we are is to come and experience how we train. Book in for a tour and complimentary session today and find out what makes Hive Active the right fit for you. During your visit feel free to chat to the coaches and even ask other members why they choose to be a part of the Hive Active team.