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Fitness Options

Empower yourself with good health and fitness by embracing Hive Active’s multi-faceted programs. We offer:

  • HA CrossFit – Challenge yourself to be fitter, faster, and stronger with our CrossFit program of constantly varied, scalable, functional movement workouts that are performed at high intensity and reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more.
  • Personal Training – For a truly targeted approach to rehabilitation, strength conditioning and good fitness principles, you can’t beat a one-on-one session with one of our highly skilled personal trainers and exercise physiologists.
  • Kids & Teens fitness – our kids and teens program is based on CrossFit ideology and is designed to empower kids and teens with healthy fitness habits whilst burning energy, having fun and learning movements that help increase proprioceptive skills, spatial awareness and metabolic conditioning.
  • Strength & Conditioning booster sessions – Our booster classes are express sessions that focus on one or two areas of fitness including olympic lifting and high intensity cardiovascular endurance
  • Yoga – Our Vinyasa yoga class at Hive Active will have you feeling stronger, more centred and focused.
  • Open Gym – provides access to our training facilities for Unlimited members who want focus on a strength, cardio or mobilisation workout of their own or for PT clients want to put into practice a program developed by their personal trainer.

Book a complimentary tour and visit to find out how Hive Active can be the right fit for you. During your visit be sure to chat to our coaches and even ask our members why Hive Active is a great place to workout and have fun. We look forward to meeting you soon.