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Personal Training

The word “personal” is often overlooked when it comes to personal training – but not at Hive Active – your one-on-one training sessions are highly personalised. It’s how we get you the best results.

From the outset – your first consultation – it’s all about you: where you’re currently at, what goals you want to achieve and how we’re going to help you get there. We’ll cover your current health and fitness status (both on paper and in a functional screening), what drives you, and if you’ve struggled with achieving your goals in the past we’ll also chat about why this happened and what we can do to help you succeed.

From there our qualified personal trainers will join you on your health and fitness journey. They will develop a comprehensive program that will continually evolve as you progress towards your goals so that each and every session is targeted, on-track and exactly what you need. They will be your guide, your motivator, the hand that supports you when you need a boost and celebrates with you at any high-five moment (big or small).

To find out more about our Personal Trainers, visit our team page or call us on 02 9416 7716.