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Strength & Conditioning

For those wanting an added boost their group training sessions, we’ve added specific Strength & Conditioning sessions to our timetable.

Metabolic Conditioning

Our Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon) sessions are 30 minute, high intensity sessions that work your cardiovascular system to the max. If you love calorie burning, heart rate boosting, sweat inducing interval workouts, MetCon is for you.

We recommend you arrive early to warm-up, as these sessions go from zero to max from the get go. We also recommend you have an intermediate to advance fitness level.

We currently run MetCon sessions twice a week. Please view our timetable, for session times.


If you’re passionate about weight training and want to improve your form, gain strength, boost your power and achieve ongoing metabolic results throughout the day, our weightlifting sessions are for you.

We currently run Weightlifting sessions once a week. Please view our timetable, for session times.