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Yoga at Hive Active is all about finding balance.

Whether you’re starting out, a true yoga enthusiast or somewhere in between, the weekly Vinyasa yoga class at Hive Active will have feeling stronger, more centred and focused.

Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic, invigorating and flowing practice that focuses on synchronising movement and breath. With an emphasis on correct body alignment and on breath, Vinyasa allows you to step out of your mind and into your flow; with movement from one posture to the next smooth and almost dance-like. 

Our classes are accessible to all levels of experience and abilities, and our instructor encourages you to listen to your body, so that you can find your own edge and progress at your own level and pace. Because Vinyasa is inherently diverse, your instructor will bring their own creative flavour to the class, so no class is ever the same. Our Yoga classes are also designed so they complementary our CrossFit program.

Commencing with a dynamic flowing sequence of sun salutations and asanas, the class will conclude by slowing down with a deeper series of hip-openers, stretches, and deep relaxation, to allow the body to fully integrate the benefits of the practice. This makes it ideal for those starting out on their fitness journey through to elite athletes.

Themes, intentions and Ancient Yogic philosophies are tied into each class, inspiring you to deepen your practise on and beyond your mat. This dynamic series improves strength, flexibility and cardiovascular activity. It gives you the opportunity to nourish and rejuvenate your body, bring peace to your mind and inspires you to step into your fullest potential.

What you need to bring to class

Please bring a towel and drink bottle to each yoga class. You also like to bring your own personal yoga mat although Hive Active has mats you are welcome to use.

Our Yoga Timetable

Hive Active currently runs yoga once a week – please see our schedule for the current class times.

Join Hive Active Yoga

We make it as easy as possible to find balance through yoga by offering participation across a number of membership options:

  • Unlimited – Yoga is included in Hive Active’s Unlimited Membership which gives you access to all our classes and open gym.
  • Casual/drop in – If you only wish to join our crew for our weekly Yoga class, you can’t make it regularly or are just in the area for a short time, our casual visit rate is $25. Please contact us prior to attending the class to ensure there is space in the class.