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Florian Sauvreneau

Head Coach & Personal Trainer

Heading up our HA CrossFit coaching crew, Florian Sauvreneau, AKA Flo, is french born and often has our members speaking a different kind of French during some of the more challenging WODs he sets. But that’s okay, because he’s right there along side us encouraging us to do our best and coaching us on technique to help us get there.

Flo specialises in strength and conditioning for performance, rehabilitation, mental preparation, weight loss and building muscle.

  • Master Degree in Sport Sciences: specialised in Strength and Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Mental Preparation.
  • Bachelor in Sport Sciences
  • Kettlebell instructor level 1
  • Kettlebell instructor level 2
  • Crossfit level 1
  • Handball trainer level 2
  • Les Mills Body Attack instructor
  • Certificate level 3 in Fitness equivalent
  • Certificate level 4 in Fitness equivalent
  • First Aid and CPR